For further information call 020 8968 8000 Email
 For further information call 020 8968 8000 Email                                                                                                         


We take great care to ensure our service remains simple to use for the business owner or manager. No fuss, no back and forth every pay-day, just keep us informed of the times your employees have worked and we take care of the rest.

Once you have appointed us to manage your payroll we will send you a short form that gives us information such as the frequency your employees are paid and whether they receive a salary or wage etc.

Once in receipt of this information we will set up your companies payroll, and then all that remains for you to do each pay-day is let us know for how long each employee has worked that pay period. We then respond with payslips and a summary to tell you how much to pay each employee and how much to pay to HMRC.

Our specialist teams process the payroll data you submit and ensure everything related to salaries, benefits, tax, NI and statutory payments are calculated correctly. 

We guarantee a fast, flexible and accurate payroll service that leaves you free to concentrate on running your business, not your payroll


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